Disney Scandal – What's she gonna do Next.

December 26, 2009, 10:00 pm
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Beautiful & Talented Disney Star Selena Gomez currently featured on UK’s Popular Magazine “Mizz UK!”. Gorgeous!
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Miss Gomes really is just like us – she totally loves to shop! So we asked her to spill the screts of her style and trips to the mall…

Hi, Selena – how would you describe your winter style?
“It’s only in the last year that i’ve started to find my own style. I love the classic chic from the 1940’s era. I get inspiration from all kinds of places, like movies i watch, pictures i find online – but i always go back to that period. I think I was born in the wrong time! My friends say i dress like a 30-year-old woman, as they’re all into the skater-chick thing!”

How often do you hit the shops?
“I like to go shopping every weekeend, even if it’s just window-shopping, as that’s a great wa to get inspiration of how to reorganise and restyle your wardrobe. Whenever I’m out of town [Los Angeles] I like to hiy yhe shops, whether it’s in another ocuntry or somewhere like New York.”

When you’re in the mood to splash cash in the stores, which buddy do you ask along?
“Me and Demi Lovato go clothes shopping all the time. In fact, we probably have thesame wardrobe aseach other, as we’ll get the same thing in a different colour! I also have half her clothes in my closet from borrowing them, and vice-versa. I love shopping and she’s probably my favourite shopping buddy as she knows exactly what i like.”

Do you like to experiment with make-up too?
“I love putting on make-up and trying different looks every morning, but there are days when it’s nice to go natural. It doesn’t bother me if I get photographed on a no-make-up day, as it proves to my fans that I don’t always look perfect. Trust me!”

And finally…which nation do you think is more stylish – Britain or America?
“I think the fashion here is so much better than in America. People aren’t afraid to be daring and try different things, whereas in America everyone tends to wear the same thing. I really admire the confidence of British girls to put their own spin on each outfit.”

Li’l Miss Versatile!

Pop Princess
-She may have started out as an actress, but Sel certainly has the makings of a top pop star. She’s sung on the sountracks of some of her own movies and has recently formed her own band, Selena Gomez and the Scene.
-The first single, Falling Down, and album, [I]Kiss and Tell[/I, were a hit in the USA and we can’t wait for her to bring her band over to the UK!

Charitable Chick]
-The Disney girl has strutted her stuff in catwalk shows, donated her own possessions to fundraising auctions and even sang on a track with the JoBros, Demi Lovato and Miley – all in the name of charity!
-Selena was also recently announced as UNICEF’s youngest-ever ambassador. She’s working with the charity to help reduce the number of preventable deaths of children around the world from 25,000 to zero.
-She isn’t just a figurehead for the charity, either – she’s been to Ghana in Africa to see the poor conditions for herself and to promote her cause. And for that, we salute her!

Role Model
-Our hal has been voted the best celebrity influence of 2009 in an online global poll by teenagers around the globe, ahead of pals Nick Jonas and Taylor Swift. She also nabbed Favourite TV Star award!


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