Disney Scandal – What's she gonna do Next.

January 1, 2010, 6:50 am
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December 31, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Official Camp Rock 2 Movie Picture!

So Cute!

Nick J & The A’ ‘Difference Between The Admin & JB’
December 27, 2009, 6:27 pm
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Cutie Nick J‘ talked to Popstar about him touring in 2010, and the Difference between his band “Nick Jonas & The Administration” and his former band “Jonas Brothers”.

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Celeb’s Merry TwitMas

Check Out These Christmas Tweets By Our Favorite Celebs!

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Jonas Brothers, ‘XBOX 360 AD CAMPAIGN’
December 9, 2009, 3:31 pm
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If there is a hell I suspect that satan will pipe Jonas Brothers songs into every single room. Having said that, apparently the young girls swoon and their knees get weak at the sight of the trio that Disney made popular. They are so popular that Microsoft and Disney have decided to use them as part of the “It’s more fun time” Xbox 360 ad campaign currently airing on television. The first round of commercials, which I think were pretty fun, feature Glee star Jane Lynch (who you may know from her roles in the 40 Year Old Virgin and Role Models).

The campaign was created internally at Disney according to the New York Times, and is being plugged into a larger one created by San Francisco based ad agency T.A.G. As part of this ad campaign, Microsoft will offer a free episode of Jonas, the brothers’ sitcom on the Disney Channel, on Xbox Live Marketplace. Oh joy, oh rapture. There will also be a sweepstakes at disney.com/morefuntime with the grand prize being a chance “to hang out” with the Jonas Brothers and “experience Xbox 360 together.”

Say what you will about this trio, but one thing they are is smart about the endorsements they will accept (it probably doesn’t hurt that their father is a major influence in those decisions). The number of companies the boys support is pretty small; Verizon, who sponsors the band’s tours, and Burger King’s apple fries which the band supports because Nick Jonas is a diabetic and the group believes in healthy lifestyle choices. Nick also endorses the Contour blood glucose monitor sold by Bayer HealthCare and supports a juvenile diabetes charity.

So if you see the Jonas Brothers on TV playing Xbox 360, don’t let that scare you away. It’s for the ladies in the house. The young ladies.

Source: NYT

Top 20 Searched Celebs of 2009! (Yikes!!)


According to TeenVogue, This list contains the Top 20 Most Searched Celebs of 2009!

Check it out:

20. Alexa Chung
19. Dakota Fanning
18. Ed Westwick
17. Chanel Iman
16. Demi Lovato
15. the Jonas Brothers

14. Emma Roberts
13. Zac Efron
12. Leighton Meester
11. Taylor Swift
10. Vanessa Hudgens

9. Whitney Port
8. Miley Cyrus
7. Taylor Momsen
6. Robert Pattinson
5. Selena Gomez
4. Lauren Conrad
3. Taylor Lautner
2. Emma Watson
1. Kristen Stewart

& Most of Them are Disney Stars! Good Job Disney!

November 17, 2009, 6:22 pm
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From Nick:

Hello from Europe!

My brothers and I are currently enjoying the great city of Antwerp in Belgium. This month’s photo is from a shopping trip in Italy. We have been able to experience a lot of the cities that we are in this time and are having so much fun.

This month we had to do something we have never done before, postpone a show due to illness. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and wasn’t able to perform but am feeling much better. Thank you all very much for your well wishes. I am back in action and we have had a few shows since.

It is hard to believe it is November already. This year has flown by. It is important to remember this month is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Just in time for Diabetes Awareness Month, Bayer announced the launch of the CONTOUR® USB meter, which is available online now. I just got mine and really like it. I love to get high tech gadgets when they come out and this one has really helped me to manage my diabetes. It has a USB port which plugs directly into a computer so you can upload your monitoring results and track patterns in your blood glucose levels. I think its technology will make monitoring and logging an easier process for me while I’m on tour and it will be a more simple way to share the information with my doctor.

Last month we chose the winners for the Express Your Simple Win Contest – As part of their prize, the winners were honored at the JDRF New York 37th Annual Promise Ball Gala on November 14th where their achievements were recognized by the diabetes community. I look forward to meeting them when we return from tour. And thank you again to everyone that entered the contest, choosing the winner was not an easy task.

My Simple Win: Touring the world, seeing the sights, learning new cultures and meeting all our great fans!