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Justin Bieber, ‘I LOVE DOING MY JOB!’
December 30, 2009, 8:16 pm
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Relate Mag, did a Q&A with International Superstar Justin Bieber, check out Below!

RelateMag: How does it feel to be where you are now after simply making YouTube videos online?

Justin: Amazing. I’m so blessed. I never imagined any of this would happen when I put the videos online for my family to see. I’m so thankful to all my fans, they are incredible.

R: Do you write your own lyrics now for your newest singles?

J: I’m always writing and coming up with new ideas and I try to always contribute creatively when I’m in the studio working with other writers and producers.

R: Have you ever taken voice lessons?

J: Before signing, I had never taken any lessons but now I work with Jan Smith or as we all like to call her, Mama Jan. She’s taught me so much and she’s constantly reminding of ways to keep my voice healthy.

R: What would be your favorite type of date with a girl? Where would you go and what would you do?

J: Just anywhere we could be ourselves. I like going to the movies and just hanging out. Nothing too intense.

R: Now that you’ve signed with Usher, will you be writing songs together? What’s involved with that contract?

J: I was so thankful when he collaborated with me on “First Dance”. It was a dream come true. Writing together is something we’ll definitely get a chance to do in the future.

R: When did you learn to play the guitar? Did you take any lessons?

J: When I was younger, my mom’s friends would come over and play guitar and they’d show me a few things here and there. That’s basically how and when I picked it up.

R: Who is your famous celebrity crush? (Who would you just love to meet, if you haven’t met her yet?)

J: Haha. Its no secret that I have a crush on Beyonce. I met her backstage at the VMA’s. It was awesome.

R: Is there anything you don’t like about singing and being a musician?

J: I’m so blessed to be able to do something I’ve dreamed of and love to do so much. I’m on the road all the time so sometimes I miss my friends and family but I love what I’m doing.

R: How was your experience on the Ellen show? Where do you plan to appear next on TV?

J: Ellen is awesome. I had so much fun both times. She’s funny….I’ll be on Dick Clark”s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest on New Years Eve.


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We were just checking out your music. Pretty cool. I can’t sing or play guitar worth a lick. I appreciate those who have the patience to learn music. BTW we are trying to give back to music for kids. If you can, please check out our iPhone app. Our goal is to really help Blue Star Music Camps raise money. Much appreciated.

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