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Jonas Brothers, ‘XBOX 360 AD CAMPAIGN’
December 9, 2009, 3:31 pm
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If there is a hell I suspect that satan will pipe Jonas Brothers songs into every single room. Having said that, apparently the young girls swoon and their knees get weak at the sight of the trio that Disney made popular. They are so popular that Microsoft and Disney have decided to use them as part of the “It’s more fun time” Xbox 360 ad campaign currently airing on television. The first round of commercials, which I think were pretty fun, feature Glee star Jane Lynch (who you may know from her roles in the 40 Year Old Virgin and Role Models).

The campaign was created internally at Disney according to the New York Times, and is being plugged into a larger one created by San Francisco based ad agency T.A.G. As part of this ad campaign, Microsoft will offer a free episode of Jonas, the brothers’ sitcom on the Disney Channel, on Xbox Live Marketplace. Oh joy, oh rapture. There will also be a sweepstakes at disney.com/morefuntime with the grand prize being a chance “to hang out” with the Jonas Brothers and “experience Xbox 360 together.”

Say what you will about this trio, but one thing they are is smart about the endorsements they will accept (it probably doesn’t hurt that their father is a major influence in those decisions). The number of companies the boys support is pretty small; Verizon, who sponsors the band’s tours, and Burger King’s apple fries which the band supports because Nick Jonas is a diabetic and the group believes in healthy lifestyle choices. Nick also endorses the Contour blood glucose monitor sold by Bayer HealthCare and supports a juvenile diabetes charity.

So if you see the Jonas Brothers on TV playing Xbox 360, don’t let that scare you away. It’s for the ladies in the house. The young ladies.

Source: NYT


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