Disney Scandal – What's she gonna do Next.

Rumor Kill: Miley Cyrus is DEAD.
November 16, 2009, 11:30 am
Filed under: Miley Cyrus

A Few Sources say that Miley Cyrus Got hit by a truck & died.

In My Opinon.. This is just a Hoax, Like Last Year. When Miley Supposedly ‘Died from A Car Accident’..

The Person who started this Rumor is pathetic & just trying to get Famous.

WRONG! Because, Messing with a Person’s life, can make you really FAMOUSLY Stupid.

& If she really was Dead, it would’ve been on the Newspaper, TMZ, Every Gossip site IN The World, Magazines, CNN, TV, & E!..

& To Top it all Off! Miley is Doing A Concert Today! “November 15 – Cleveland, OH” Unless it’s Canceled without anybody knowing..

You Drama Starters have NO CHANCE!

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That made me laugh šŸ˜€
But I love the dress she wears on that pic!!

Comment by Coco

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