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Debby Ryan, New MUSIC BLOG
November 13, 2009, 6:59 pm
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I love the Roxy. There’s a sort of magic that’s intimate, but charged for any concentration of music. The day after the release of their 7th album, entitled Hello Hurricane, Switchfoot played that venue with a sparkle in their eyes. They played through their album, in a storm of a show, including the moments of calm. “Hello Hurricane is an attempt to sing into the storm.” says writer/ lead singer/ guitarist Jon Foreman. It’s a significant album for them; they broke boundaries, built a studio in San Diego, and foundedlowercase people records, distributed through Atlantic. Lyrically, this CD portrays that struggle. Artistically, it shows freedom. Without making it overwhelming, the band brings emotional trials and victories to swells of electric acoustic rock and the live show only authenticates it further.
A perfect contradiction is the best way for me to describe the Hello Hurricane show. Dense layers of guitar and percussion make a sturdy foundation for the ethereal harmonies behind the passionate lead. It effortlessly slides from strobes, a vocal wail and building electric guitar to an intro that sounds like raindrops on glass, with Jerome’s mellow synthetics floating around the mellow blue-lit room. “This is the when the hurricane has just blown over..” says lead singer Jon, as he slides his fingers over the strings of his mandolin.
I walked away feeling like I had just hung out with them. Not only is the music personal and soulfully performed, but the crowd interaction is unforgettable. Pulling an eager fan on stage before Twenty-Four during their first encore, quipping early on “I write songs about things I don’t understand. So mostly, God and women..”, obtaining the camera of a front-row-fan and taking audience pictures, all while singing every word, every note. Frontman Jon Foreman parted his Red Sea of a crowd [ages 13- 45, majority guys] and you’d think the mic stand was his staff. Holding it like a flag with a victorious spirit, he made his way to the back of the room and finished up most of the song back there.
It’s a story of struggle, change, freedom, redemption and “singing through the storm.” It has substance and depth. Whether you’re singing along or letting Switchfoot perform it for you, it takes you on a journey, confronts your storm, and brings you to a place of resolution.

With a few prominently different sounds, it seems the CD’s full effect comes when it’s played in it’s ordered entirety.
But if I only had $7.75 in my account, my top choices would be:
“Enough to Let Me Go”, “Yet”, “Bullet Soul”, “Hello Hurricane”, “Mess of Me”, and “Sing It Out”

Sources: DebbyRyan.com & YouTube.


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